Deployment and Upgrade Consulting Services for the Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud

The Launch Package is a multi-mode engagement that helps an Elastic customer to quickly architect and launch a new environment designed to meet its business needs. One or more Elastic consultants will provide ongoing guidance, testing and deployment assistance throughout multiple phases of the project. This package is designated for an environment of up to 10 nodes – larger Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud environments must be scoped and may be accommodated via multiple packages. Description
Consultative and deployment services focused on your Elastic Security solution.

elasticsearch consulting services

Perhaps best of all, Elasticsearch offers all of this performance in almost real-time. Here are a few answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how companies can use Elasticsearch. We start with looking at how much it will cost your business to implement this software. Digital transformation has definitely changed the mindset of the modern business, with cloud seen as a novel technology that must be adopted. While cloud technologies certainly have their benefits, improper use of them has very negative consequences.

Here’s what our customers have said.

Surprisingly, it contained a massive database of previously breached user information from 2012 to 2019. Opster’s solutions go beyond infrastructure management, covering every aspect of your search operation. Upgrading ES is usually not a simple task – there are some backwards compatibility issues, and even minor version upgrades might contain major breaking changes, such as query structure changes, and data modifications are needed. In order to be ready for the next upgrade, and facilitate the upgrade smoothly, Opster’s team fills in the gaps and helps set up the right process. Elasticsearch is a robust distributed system that is usually available and responds quickly. Nevertheless, it is always good practice to plan ahead for a rainy day – it could be a network issue, a node shutdown, an out of memory error, or any other of the many scenarios where some of the nodes, or even an entire cluster, stop being available.

elasticsearch consulting services

This option requires a custom scope of work to be evaluated for your use case. Give customers the flexibility, speed, and scale to find what’s next. Nowadays, companies are dealing with an ever-growing database of customer information and other sensitive details about their clients and purchases.

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As Elasticsearch evolves rapidly, it is important to keep up with the pace, and apply the fixes, new features and optimizations. Opster’s team walks you through the right steps and measures to take in order to make sure you are covered and to ensure your data will always be available and recoverable in case of a catastrophe. We help you choose the right tools and architecture for your observability needs. Performance Tuning will help in understanding the health of the machines, health of the cluster. From orchestration to configuration management, we help you set up and activate all the bells and whistles for your test or production environment. Continuously score and fine-tune your Elasticsearch application’s relevancy.

  • Everything is included, from designing new clusters and data modeling to version upgrades and more.
  • It also supports a variety of programming languages for easy application development.
  • Description
    Named Embedded Engineer (“EE”) allocated to a customer on an annual basis to provide ongoing operational and administration services on Elastic products.
  • Leverage Filebeat and Metricbeat to send data from your hosts, pods, and containers, and monitor them in the Metrics app.
  • For example, language analyzers offer a more robust search engine experience.

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