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A freelance software developer for hire that owns a strong grasp of the required knowledge is not a rare situation on the freelance market. You’ve landed the client that needs one of the cloud solutions you’ve previously developed for them, and you don’t have cloud engineers on your team. As a result, you’ll have team members familiar with the client’s IT infrastructure and the needed specialists who will jump into the development process right away. When you choose software development outstaffing, you should also know about its flipsides. If you are thinking about starting a project and want to find a top outstaff software development company to help you grow your business and stand out in the market, don’t hesitate to contact us.

software developer outstaffing

With this model, a software outsourcing agency or firm manages the developers that form part of the dedicated team. The information provided above does not imply that there is one thing to choose over the other. Hiring freelance specialists has its advantageous facets for businesses. To bring more peace to the table let’s have a look at the outstaffing company’s potential, as more reliable and accountable, alongside its advantages and disadvantages. You can augment your tech team by hiring a developer from an outstaffing agency and have a full team assembled to start your project.

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For example, if the company works on a healthcare project but the team lacks cloud engineers or QA specialists, they can source the required specialist from the outstaffing agency. Outsourcing and staff augmentation in software development (outstaffing) mean different approaches to who and how will do a particular tech task. Some of the drawbacks of software development outstaffing include language and cultural barriers, lack of control and communication, and security and privacy risks. For example, hiring developers for emerging technologies like AI often comes at a premium due to the scarcity of skilled professionals in these areas. Based on experience, developers can be divided into junior, middle, and senior. While the yearly cost estimate for a junior developer is $70,000, senior developers will command nearly $120,000.

  • CodingChiefs provides remote software developers who can assist both the office side and the end customer.
  • It is free to enter, yet charges when the first payment for the services is delivered.
  • The freelance specialists working on themselves might pile up a lot of various tasks to increase a software developer freelance salary.
  • The RexSoft team produces excellent work and provides great customer service.
  • In general, outsourcing is when you have an idea, but there is no way to implement it on your own.
  • However, during the building phase, you won’t have much access to the code.

Our IT outstaffing company quickly selects a team for you, signs a contract and instantly gets to work. Even though the globalization process is booming in full swing, let us not forget that the language barriers have not been erased yet. Namely, the language barrier might become the slightest of problems to experience, as you can always hire a translator.

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Managing remote developers undoubtedly differs from managing your in-house team. Thus, when using IT outstaffing services, you must ensure effective cooperation with augmented personnel. Here we have briefly described a few trips and tricks on how to do that. Organizations from various industry niches always need experienced IT specialists with the appropriate knowledge in their field.

software developer outstaffing

And before we explain this any further, we need to provide a few definitions of terms we’ll use throughout the article. Managers should be vigilant in navigating between these differences to help the company enjoy the benefits of a virtual team. It’s a good idea to inspire remote employees to share details about their cultures as a team-building experience. While you may share the guides and ideas with the teams, the outsourcing companies’ contracts usually limit the client’s intervention in the development process.

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Outstaffing is different from outsourcing because it allows you to have access to the development team itself. There are shorter lines of communication because you can directly communicate with them. You’ll be able to instruct the team to work on multiple projects simultaneously (depending on the agreements made).

They delivered consistently on time, within budget, and were responsive whenever the client needed help with solving an issue. The client appreciated their ability to bring ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the table. Our team worked on the IoT application C24 that is meant to provide people with the ability to move through the city on electric scooters. C24 as an app for renting electric scooters successfully leverages the competition.

Why choose SHORE Teams as an IT outstaffing company?

Companies opting for outstaffing developers lend themselves a helping hand that cuts cost and yet delivers the result required. Sure, there might as well be some disadvantages to such a decision, so we decided to pay closer attention to this matter. Here’s our take on the pros and cons of software development outstaffing.

software developer outstaffing

But what if you have a tech team that misses a specialist with certain skills? Let’s see its pros and cons and what difference it may bring to your business. Finding and training skilled talent can be a great hassle and cost a lot of time and resources. That’s why at SHORE teams we’ve made it our mission to help businesses get on-demand access to a team of fully trained developers within 4-8 weeks via IT Outstaffing. Based on the information provided by ZipRecruiter, the average annual cost for hiring a Mean Stack Developer is $120,000 for companies.

What kind of specialists can I get in my outstaffing team.

And even more so in development – details and nuances can emerge that were impossible to foresee. However, you have to choose the optimal model for your business, depending on its primary needs, goals, and possibilities. Consequently, we recommend you seek advice from specialists before making any final decision. More costly because the vendor performs the entire scope of work, including project management, QA testing, design, etc.

A creative, enthusiastic UI/UX designer with work experience who can create beautiful, structured, and compact designs of any kind of complexity is looking for an opportunity to leverage these skills. Attain professionalism with built-in competent skills, integrity devops organizational and ability to learn fast hence
adding value to the establishment and its objectives through sheer determination. I am an Android Developer with a proven knack for designing and developing efficient, high-performance, user-friendly mobile applications.

Disadvantages of Outstaffing

Or your business may need to launch new projects and handle other critical IT tasks simultaneously. By outstaffing, a business gains access to skilled developers who have been vetted by the outstaffing company. In contrast, outstaffing allows you to temporarily hire your partner’s development team’s services. Nearshore software development is a pivotal aspect of modern business strategies, with approximately 76% of companies opting to outsource their IT services to third-party providers…. In each case, you should only partner with the tech vendors that have expertise in developing solutions for your industry, and are familiar with its requirements for software products. In a nutshell, outstaffing means inviting people to the in-house team to cover the need for certain skills.

When a language barrier exists, it becomes difficult to communicate projects, timelines, and expectations. It’s essential to maintain an open communication channel with the outstaffing companies and their developers. Decide which method works best for both parties and agree on them.

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We’re confident that our advice in this section would be helpful to you too. If you have a small project or a small part of an ongoing project for which you lack adequate talent, hiring an individual freelancer may be the best option for your company. You can find a Ukrainian software developer on popular freelancing platforms such as Upwork,, Fiverr, etc. With CodingChiefs’
nearshoring services, you have access to a talented pool of developers in
Serbia at cost-effective pricing. Our office is based in the same timezone as Western Europe and offers tech stacks that match your needs. Transform your business with the power of expert software development; TechFlex has the domain knowledge and technical expertise to take your applications to the next level!

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